Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Restaurant Review: Trailside Cafe & Tea Room

Megan and I have been driving by the Trailside Cafe & Tea Room for almost a whole year now saying, "We need to eat lunch there sometime." We were usually on the way somewhere else though, and because it's tucked away off of Center Street, it just didn't come to mind when contemplating places to eat. WELL, we finally went yesterday, and it was wonderful! Our waitress Katie was adorable, super sweet, and so helpful! We started off with pot of tea - White Chocolate Green, which was superb. The pairing of white chocolate with the green tea seemed a bit odd to me, but the subtle scents and tastes of white chocolate in the tea complemented really well! It was heavenly. Then we each ordered up a bowl of chili, although the decision was difficult with so many wonderful menu options - including a daily special plate lunch. So Megan paired hers with a apple and cream cheese tea sandwich. We giggled at the combination with the chili, but Megan said that it worked out just fine, haha. Well, and if you know anything about Megan or I, we are suckers for dessert, so I had to sample the homemade apricot turnovers that had just come out of the oven and Megan (with her odd distaste for cooked fruit) resorted for the Valentine's Day cookies - both were delicious. We are so excited that we found this little treasure, and we are definitely going to become regulars very quickly and so should you!

Also, I wouldn't be doing the Trailside Cafe & Tea Room justice if I didn't mention all of the other exciting tea adventures to experience there. I got really excited to discover that the owner actually hosts free tea talks and tastings once a month on Saturday afternoons at 2pm. Sadly, Megan and I missed the first one last month, but we will definitely be making an effort to attend the rest! The restaurant was so peaceful and relaxing, and it made a great break to a busy day. The tea options are limitless, but here are just a few that strike me as interesting: Catnip, Red Rooibos, Autumn Harvest, Fine Lung Ching or Dragon's Well, and Smoky Russian Caravan. Megan and I decided that we would take recommendations from Katie as to what type to try when we come in each time - so if you don't know where to start either, just ask! Anyhow, for more information and whatnot, check out their website at http://www.trailsidetea.com/ or better yet, stop in for lunch today. You'll definitely be glad that you did!


  1. My parents, being british, go to Trailside all the time but I have yet to go!! Can I go with you next time?! :)

  2. Count me in too!! It is one of my favorites in Fayetteville!!

  3. It was good to see you today! This blog is a treasure chest! Thanks for doing what you do so well. Mom is going to be so stoked when I show this to her!!

    ~ Kadie of "Trailside Cafe & Tea Room"