Monday, April 12, 2010

Camping is in-tents! … Meals for the campfire. :o)

One of my favorite activities of all time is to pack up and go camping with a great group of friends. It should be no surprise that planning great camping food is also a favorite hobby of mine. Below I'm including our whole menu ranging from breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack - ALL on the campfire. Get excited. :o)

Dinner: Hobo Packets & Red Russet Potatoes

Chopped Onions
Cut Carrots
Chopped Red & Green Peppers
Steak Tips &/or Chicken

Red Russet Potatoes
Cavenders Greek Seasoning

Hobo Packets - Combine whatever combination of vegetables and meat in a double-layer aluminum foil packet with butter and LOTS of Cavenders (to taste). Fold and seal ends. Then place on hot coals in the campfire, and let cook for 30-ish minutes (or until veggies tender and meat fully cooked).

Red Russet Potatoes - Poke holes in potatoes with a knife and then roll in butter and LOTS of Cavenders (or to taste). Wrap in aluminum foil and place on hot coals in the campfire. Cook for an hour or so until tender.

Snack: S'mores

(Really, everyone knows how to make S'mores, but I just wanted an excuse to post this picture, haha. And, I do think it is almost worth noting on it's own value the use of Reese's instead of Hershey's.)

Graham Crackers
Hershey's Bars &/or Reese's PB Cups

Break Graham Cracker in half. Place 1/2 Hershey's or 1 Reese's on 1/2 of the open Graham Cracker. Roast Marshmallow on stick over the fire.

Breakfast: Cinnamon Rolls (on a stick!)

So, this is really cool if you ask me. But really, all you do is purchase the cinnamon rolls that come in a can and are rolled in a spiral. Then you unwrap the spiral of dough on a stick, and then patiently hold it over the campfire (patiently being the key word). After the dough starts to brown and almost crispy, pull it off the stick onto a plate and add the frosting (or you can just eat it off the stick as shown below).

Lunch: Pita Pizza

Pepperoni (or any pizza toppings desired)
Mozzarella Cheese
Pizza Sauce
Pita Pockets

Fill pita pocket with desired amount of toppings and them wrap in aluminum foil. Place on hot coals in campfire for 15-20 minutes (or until crisp and cheese melts). Be careful not to scorch the pita pocket. Then, enjoy!

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