Thursday, January 7, 2010

Fun Cooking & Baking Photos

Baking Christmas Cookies with Becca, Georgeanne, Erica, Jaime, & Liz - December 2008:

Steeler's Super Bowl Cake - January 2009:

Mattie's Funfetti Birthday Cake - July 2009:

Jessica's Red Velvet Cake - September 2009:

Nick's Double Chocolate 21st Birthday Cake - November 2009:

Cooking Breakfast with Erica, Billy, Kayln, and Chase - November 2009:

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  1. haha oooooh those stocking cookies!!! How fun that was! Can we have a Valentine's or St. Patrick's Day party and make hearts or shamrocks with all the "yes" respondants on facebook's name on them!? You know, since we missed Christmas this year... -georgea