Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Welcome to my food blog! :o)

I'm very excited about starting a blog I can really get into sharing with others as for any of you who know me are aware - I have tried the blog thing before, but I have yet to be successful in keeping it up to date! So, since I really love cooking and baking my own food and also love tasting other's creations as well - I think this time will really work! I am keeping this blog to both document my food experiences for myself as well as share them with others to witness and maybe even learn from my successes and failures too! I am dedicated to posting about my food, how I made it, what to pair with it, tips and lessons, as well as pictures of it! Thanks for stopping by, and I hope that you enjoy reading as much as I am enjoying writing! :o)


  1. Coming soon - my Christmas menu! :o)

  2. Tammy,

    I loved reading this! I can't wait to see future blogs! You are an amazing cook and everyone will enjoy reading the "Tammy Secrets" :)
    Love you,